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Knysna Hillclimb 2015

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Knysna Hillclimb 2015.

On the weekend of 15/16/17 May, Ralph took part in the Simola Hillclimb, in Knysna.

Friday is the Documentation, scrutineering, town display and town parade. The Town parade was so exciting, and the “hooligans” had a ball “racing” in a controlled manner, through the main streets of the quiet little town of Knysna.

Simola Hill is a 1.9km road that has twists and turns and an ascent unique to its path.
The aim is to get from the start line, to the finish line as quickly as possible.
Saturday was the start of the “racing” The competitors got to do 5 practice runs, and 2 Qualifying runs.

Sunday they did the last 3 Qualifying runs, and then it was time for the Class Finals and the King of the Hill Shootout.
Ralph came 3rd in his Class - B1 - Race Cars - Saloons.
His best time up the hill for 2015 was 54.0 seconds

While it is costly to travel down to Knysna, and back, towing the race car, we wouldn't miss it for anything.
Ralph has taken part in this event since 2012.

We even managed to spend some time with Xavier Gobille, as can be seen in the pics below !

A huge thanks to GP Windscreens for all their support !!

Shatterprufe will be supplying a range of Safevue windscreen parts from 27 November 2014.

Shatterprufe's objective with Safevue windscreens, is to be a sustainable supplier of SANS approved quality windscreens at a competitive and market related price, which will in turn enable our customers to grow their business, retain and gain market share.

The Safevue parts are focused on those makes and models of vehicles that make up a large segment of the RSA carparc, predominantly uninsured and out of warrantee vehicles. These do spill over into insured vehicles. Safevue will be competitively priced to compete with other imported products to enable Shatterprufe customers to service the trade markets (used car dealers and panel beaters) as well as walk-in and cash customers. The anticipated increase in volumes from this uninsured market will result in a lower average manufacturing and distribution cost per windscreen which can be leveraged across the insured customer base.

The original OEM quality Shatterprufe part will continue to be offered where requested by customers.

Attributes of Safevue:

  • Safevue is a windscreen manufactured in South Africa – Shatterprufe is committed to local employment.
  • Manufactured by the local Shatterprufe factories to the SANS 1191 and European E-mark (ECER43) standards with Lifetime guarantees.
  • A part range selected from high volume carparc models which will optimize manufacturing capacities and maximize manufacturing efficiencies.
  • The same raw materials used as in a Shatterprufe part.
  • Safevue is not manufactured in accordance to all the OEM processes as certain OEM testing is not applicable to the Safevue aftermarket product.
  • Supply chain activities - starting at factory level throughout all distribution channels reaching the Shattterprufe customer - have been optimized for high volume cost benefit.
  • Safevue is environment friendly and will be recycled via the Shatterprufe supply chain.
  • Safevue will be manufactured with all the necessary trims, mirror brackets, rain, light and antenna sensors as required to support a quality and efficient fitment.

Safevue part numbers and prices will be available on our Shatterprufe product catalogue as from the 27th of November 2014. The Safevue parts will be listed under the L9 MPG (Material Pricing Group). Should you not have access to our catalogue, you will be able obtain this information from your local Shatterprufe-ARG Sales Centre.

We are confident the new Safevue part range and pricing structure will enable you to grow your business and gain / regain market share in the windscreen segment in the Southern African market.

These are the organisations that we support.
These are the organisations that we support.

  • AAAKEE -
    Founded in 2004, Abused and Abandoned Kids Educational Excursions (better known as AAAKEE) is a South African Public Benefit Organisation, incorporated under Section 21.
    We provide educational excursions around South Africa for various foundations occupied by children who are disadvantaged, having been abused and abandoned - lost. These excursions, as much as they may be educational, are also intended to enrich these childrens' lives with fun, entertainment, and excitement - a core value in the life of any child. Using this strategy, these children can learn common principles, and have fun at the same time.

  • Chubby Chums -
  • The Manager -
  • Lambano Sancturary -
  • To accept into our care children who have been abandoned or orphaned, especially those affected by HIV / Aids.
    To provide these children with a caring Christian environment whereby they will be nurtured and cared for: Physically Emotionally,Spiritually with unconditional love.

  • Happy Family Care Centre
  • Oliver's house -
    Oliver's house has embarked on a project to create a village to accommodate, treat and educate the AIDS Orphans in its care. At the moment Oliver's House cares for 210 children of whom 12 are HIV positive and a further 42 have been orphaned as a result of the AIDS epidemic which our country faces. We also have a free computer training school and teach maths and science to disadvantaged grade 11 & 12 students. 120 food parcels are distributed monthly to residents of the Zenzele informal settlement and surrounds.

  • Little Eden -
    At LITTLE EDEN, we believe that no matter how profoundly disabled a person may be, he or she is still a whole complete being, with a body; a mind; a spirit and a soul. Our special children may not experience the world in the same way that we do, but they have so much to teach us!