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Not Just Shatterproof, It's Shatterprufe® Windscreens
Shatterprufe® windscreens are more than just laminated glass protection. All windscreens are shatterproof by nature but only Shatterprufe® is the industry-defining, internationally recognised brand that offers a guarantee of excellence. Be aware, not all shatterproof windscreen products are the same. Danger Is Out There - Keep It That Way.

Prufe of Laminated Glass Protection Quality
Shatterprufe® windscreens use a vinyl interlayer placed between outer layers of safety glass. Our laminated glass products are constructed to hold windscreens together in accident situations and prevent debris and dangerous shards of glass penetrating your car's interior. This glass protection ensures security and safety in any kind of impact. This attention to detail and your safety is one of the reasons why we have become the nationally acclaimed supplier of high quality auto glass and quick windscreen replacement deals.


GP Windscreens are the proud sponsors of the South African Production Car Series 2009

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At our fitment centres you will find trained technicians, highly skilled in the art of replacing automotive glass.

  • Automotive glass supplied & fitted while you wait.
  • 12 months workmanship guarantee.
  • Chip repair.
  • One-stop glass shop.
  • We endeavour to secure well priced glass & bring the savings to you.